Thanks again for joining this Spanish course. I hope you enjoyed your first class.

Find below the notes from last class with extra activities to practise during the week.

Note in bold underlined the attached files and in blue underlined the website links to practice online.


Notes from your last class on 22 de septiembre  (clase #1 of 10):

  • Chat – vocabulary from them chat box Chat—Beginners 1.txt
  • Screenshots: these are pictures attached to this email related to the following activities we did in class:
    • ACT 1 – ME LLAMO – how to introduce yourself
    • ACT 1 – Presentaciones – online activity to introduce yourself
    • ACT 2 – SONIDOS – Solución – from the listening exercise, when 9 people spoke in Spanish or other language plus the 3 conversations in Spanish
    • ACT 2 – SONIDOS – Conversaciones
    • Pronunciacion– a series of Spanish words and how to pronounce them

  • PRONUNCIACION: this is the online presentation we did in class, where you can find a list of words to practice the pronunciation. Say them aloud for more fun and better practice! – – The 5 sounds are:
    • CH – like “chair”
    • H – it´s always silent (except CH)
    • Ñ – like “lasagne”
    • V – it´s pronounced like “B” always
    • Z – it´s pronounced like “TH” in “think”


You can practice at home doing the following activities:

  • VIDEO Presentaciones: you can watch the video again where a man and a woman introduce themselves the morning after (click on the corresponding ICON to turn subtitles on):  – try to write down:
    • expressions you understand from the context
    • words you´d like to know their meaning


  • Attached is the image Que significa vale.pdf. If you have time, please try to do this activity at home:
    • Read the conversations between the students and try to understand
    • You can use a dictionary to help you. I recommend WordReference:
    • Match each expression on the side with the blank speech bubble


In this course we will use the book AULA INTERNACIONAL PLUS 1 – which you can purchase on these shops:

online spanish classes course book aula internacional 1 plus

That´s all for now. I´ll see you all in your next class on the same link:

Zoom link:    

Hasta pronto, amigos! 😊