We use various types of audio visual material in class. These are some examples of the videos we use. They are linked to the books we use in class, which are mainly:

  • Aula Internacional
  • Bitácora
  • Gente Joven

These videos are available for all levels, from Beginners (A1) to Intermediate-Advanced (B1 onwards).

Our advice is to watch them first without subtitles and then watch them with subtitles to check what you understood. That will help you develop your listening comprehension skills.

You can find the whole selection of videos in Youtube in the channel DifusionELE.

Enjoy them!

Online Courses and Activities

• ‘Aula Internacional 1 & 2’ Online activities and reviews from the students’ book

• BBC ‘Mi vida loca’. Interactive drama course

• Agencia ELE – Online activities to practice. Suitable for all levels

• BBC Talk Spanish 1. Travel Tips and Basic Communication Skills

• Practica Español – online contents to practice your Spanish

• Cervantes TV

• Level Checker from Instituto Cervantes

• SpanishDict – Online Spanish-English dictionary

• Learn Foreign Language Skills – Podcasts to practice for Junior & Leaving Cert exams

Television and Newspapers

• El País – National Newspaper

• RTVE – Spanish national TV & Radio

• El Mundo (Spain)

• La Nación (Argentina)

• Marca (sports)

• Hola (tabloid)

• Revista Cuore TV& celebrities

• Diez Minutos TV & celebrities

• Los 40 Principales (music)

• Cinemanía (movies)

Recommended Books

• Aula Internacional 1. Published by Difusion

• Gente 1. Published by Difusion

• Prisma A1 Comienza. Published by Edinumen

• ELE Actual 1. Published by SM-ELE

Further Reading. Level A1. Beginners

Published by Difusion

• Calle Mayor 1 (4 books)

• Colección: Pepa Villa taxista en Barcelona(4 books)

• Colección: Aventura Joven (8 books)

• Colección: Lola Lago (7 books)

• Colección: Descubre (4 books)

• Colección El mediterráneo (4 books)