Level guide

Beginners > Improvers > Intermediate > Advanced > Proficient

Don’t worry if you’re not sure of your level – we provide a free pre-course assessment if required to ensure your classes are at the appropriate level. If you’d like to check your level online, you can do it in this website. Assessment takes about 20 minutes and it only works on a computer (not on mobile phone or tablet),

Beginners 1 (level A0) > for people who want to start from the very beginning and have very little or no knowledge of the language (few words: hola, cómo estás, un vino por favor)

Beginners 2 (level A1) > this is the follow up course after the Beginners. You start reviewing your basic Spanish and work towards improving your grammar , vocabulary and conversation. You’ll be talking about common life topics such as ordering food, going shopping, describing your city, asking for directions or talking about your what your hobbies.

Improvers 1 & 2 (levels A1 & A2) > for students who want to progress to an Intermediate level. In this level you’ll gain confidence and expand your knowledge about suitable topics.

Intermediate (level B1) > this level is suitable for students who can hold a basic conversation in Spanish and want to improve their fluency and ability to interact with other speakers. Here you’ll learn about a wider range of topics (describing past experiences, talking about future plans, giving advice, explaining how to do something, etc)

Advanced (levels B2 and above) > for experienced people who can hold a fluent conversation and want to make their Spanish just as perfect as a native speaker