One to One Classes

If you’d like to learn or improve your Spanish and our group courses don’t suit your needs, we would be delighted to offer you one-to-one lessons. This type of personally tailored classes may be a better option if you:

  • Are not free at the times of our group lessons(morning or evening)
  • Would like to prepare for an exam: college, Spanish Official Diploma (DELE) or other
  • Need intensive lessons before an exam, moving or travelling to a Spanish speaking country
  • Have specific learning needs such as Spanish for Professionals
  • Feel more comfortable learning on your own.

We highly recommend Group Classes over Individual Lessons. These are some of the advantages:

  • They are more fun and engaging
  • A relaxed communicating environment
  • Lower cost
  • Great opportunity to socialize with fellow students with same interests

Individual lessons can be arranged to suit each student’s lifestyle. In these lessons you have the control of what / when / how you would like to learn. Our teachers will meet you first to test your current level in Spanish language and plan what you’d like to learn and how.

A typical one-to-one class is 1 hour long. We ask students to book it for the same day and time every week to help us organize our agenda.


We offer a 5 lesson package for €200 and a 10 lesson package for €385. Choose your option from menu below if you’d like to book some private lessons or Contact Us  for more info.

Pack 5 one-hour lessons

Pack 10 one-hour lessons