Spanish Class Notes 16 NOV 2023 – Beginners 1

Hola a todos!

Gracias por venir a la clase de español. Espero que te gusta la clase y que aprendes mucho. 😊

Thanks for coming to your online Spanish class last week. I hope you liked it and learned loads!

Note in bold underlined the attached files and in blue underlined the website links to practice online. Documents such as PDF have a (Download) button.


Here you are the notes from your last online Spanish class on 16 de noviembre (class #9 of 10):

  • Chat – with some of the vocabulary from the chat box on file: Chat Beginners 1.txt

  • Screenshots: these are images related to the activities you did in class:


These are some activities to practice at your own pace at home:

  • VIDEO & ACTIVITY: “EL BARRIO DE LOLO”: this is the activity we did in class with the video. Watch the video and do the 2 activities below (you can activate the subtitles clicking on the icon):
    • Write the order in which you hear the directions in the circles
    • True or False : mark the expressions on right as Verdadero (True) or Falso (Falso)

  • EJERCICIOS DEL LIBRO: if you want to learn more, you can do the following exercises from your course book AULA INTERNACIONAL 1 PLUS:
    • Ejercicio 10 – pagina 193 – match the places with the activities you can do in them


Next class will be the last of this 10 week Spanish online course. I can´t believe how quick it goes!

We will do a revision of the whole course with games, quizzes and conversation!

We will also learn how verbs work in Spanish. If you have the time, have a look at the ACTIVITY 6. ¿HABLAS INGLES? on page 33 in your course book. Try to undrstand the conversation and fill in the blanks in the yellow table with all the verb forms.

If you are familiar with the verbs already, here is a quick game to match pairs: verb+person -> conjugated verb:

BOOK AUDIO FILES: to download the audio files from your course book, please click on this link:

That´s all for now, amigos. We´ll see each other in class on the same link

Zoom linkBeginners THURSDAYS 6.30 pm :

Hasta pronto!  😊