Spanish Class Notes 24 NOV 2022 – Beginners 1

Hola a todos!

Gracias por venir a la clase de español. Espero que te gusta la clase y que aprendes mucho. 😊

Thanks for coming to your online Spanish class last week. I hope you liked it and learned loads!

Note in bold underlined the attached files and in blue underlined the website links to practice online. Documents such as PDF have a (Download) button.


Here you are the notes from your last online Spanish class on 24 de noviembre (class #9 of 10):

  • Chat – with some of the vocabulary from the chat box on file: Chat Beginners 1.txt
  • Screenshots: these are images related to the activities you did in class: Revision of useful expressions to ask for and give directions in Spanish, plus activity 5. LA ESTACION DE METRO on page 118 on your course book Aula Internacional Plus 1 & the video about Lolo´s neighbourhood:
    • REPASO DIRECCIONES 1 & 2 – a revision of last week´s vocabulary
    • LA ESTACION DE METRO – expressions and solution to the activity on page 118 on your book
    • VIDEO EL BARRIO DE LOLO – with true/false phrases


These are some activities to practice at your own pace at home:

  • VIDEO & ACTIVITY: “EL BARRIO DE LOLO”: this is the activity we did in class with the video. Watch the video and do the 2 activities:
    • Write the order in which you hear the directions in the circles
    • True or False : mark the expressions on right as Verdadero (True) or Falso (Falso)
  • VIDEO “EL BARRIO DE LOLO“: you can watch the video directly on this window below:


Next class will be the last of this 10 week Spanish online course. I can´t believe how quick it goes!

We will do a revision of the whole course with games, quizzes and conversation! Hope you can make it! 😊

That´s all for now, amigos. We´ll see each other in class on the same link

Zoom link:

Hasta pronto!  😊